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first time on air with mchf by DF8OE, Andreas

McHF is a project created by Chris, M0NKA

It is a standalone shortwave SDR amateur radio for homebrewing. It is free for non-commercial use, schematics are available, also code for firmware.

There is a Yahoo Newsgroup in English and a German project page of DARC OV I40 managed by DF8OE with a German discussion group for all German-speaking people.

In 2015 this GitHub was founded to start communiy working on firmware. Until this time there was no or very crippled possibility for community working on firmware. With GitHub a fulminant development started. Much more hardware possibilities of mcHF were supported (touchscreen...), a new bootloader was created (former closed-source, the new one open-source, too), many, many firmware problems were fixed and firmware gets much more options and supports features which nobody has thought about before (USB-audio and USB-CAT). So mcHF gets "a complete new radio" (thats often posted by users) and is now many steps further than it was one year before.

So this project again shows what is possible if we all work together and not against each other. This GitHub wants to support community working on firmware and bootloader code, showing gathered informations of modifications and it contains an easy-to-use bug tracking and feature wish list system.

I hope we all will work together to help each other at the building and bug fixing and improving firmware.

Many thanks Chris for offering such a nice project to the amateur radio world! This project has the power to awake interest to get a callsign and bring young people to our beautiful hobby!

vy 73 de Andreas, DF8OE