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**NEW**: UHSDR Bootloader and Firmware is archived starting at 2017-08-19. You can access all binaries which are populated since then:

Binaries Download Area

first time on air with mchf by DF8OE, Andreas

UHSDR means UniversalHamSDR and consists of a firmware and bootloader part. It currently supports STM32F4 and STM32F7 MCU. The base of the firmware was started by Chris, M0NKA, and Clint, KA7OEI and was exclusively used for mcHF QRP transceiver designed by Chris. Using UHSDR firmware it is possible to build a rig which operates without the need of a PC or laptop. Radio can work standalone.
Since firmware is licensed under GPLv3 it is possible to adapt it to other homebrew rigs or other hardware platforms. Software development is intended to give full support for mcHF (and all other known and listed hardware platforms).

So this is the best place to start with up-2-date developed firmware and bootloader for mcHF. If you do want to start looking into the code we recommend to use this actual code - not completely outdated code which exists outside GitHub! If you use old firmware you will miss many, many new features of mcHF, the code contains much bugs and works very slowly. Structure of code is not a good starting point for beginners.